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buy guild wars 2 gold Monetize a Flash Game - Diff

If you like developing flash games just for fun, why not make money through them?

There are different ways you can monetize your flash game:

In Game Ads:

Once you have finished your game, you can put advertising in it so that every time the game is played you will be earning money. The great thing is that if the game is played a year after you launch it you can still earn money. In most cases the ads is shown before playing the game, when the game is loading.

The key is to distribute the game to as many portals as possible, so as to receive more playing, and if possible in big portals.

How much money you will earn will depend on how did you manage to distribute the game,fast Guild Wars 2 Gold, and of course on the quality of the game. If you have the game on big portals, smaller portals will steal the game for their sites, receiving more plays for the game.

There are several in games ad services out there to try for your game:

mochiads gamejacket ad4game cpmstar inviziads

But I think the most popular are mochiads and gamejacket.


Sponsorship means that you get paid by someone (a game portal in most of the cases) to put their logo and their links into your game.

There are several types of sponsorships:

Exclusive License: Making an exclusive sponsorship implies selling the game to only to one sponsor,buy gw2 gold, the only money you will get by the game is what you get paid by that sponsor. You do not have the possibility to put ads into the game, so if the game is a success you will not earn any more money, wich is not very fair for the developer. You neither got the chance of selling non exclusive licenses to another portals and in some cases exclusive licenses may ask you to remove your name of the game. In the past exclusive sponsor where the only way of making a sponsorship, but fortunately now there are another types of sponsors that let the developers get more money for their games. For these reasons you must be very sure before making an exclusive sponsors. Primary Sponsorships: Thanks to FlashGameLicense we (developers) have the possibility of making primary sponsorships. This kind of sponsorship are new, it is similar to an exclusive sponsorship as you get a flat amount of money for the game in exchange for advertising, every version of the game on the internet will have the logo of the sponsor, except for non exclusive licenses. So, it is almost exclusive but not exclusive at all. You can earn more money for your game selling many non exclusive license to differents portals, where you can remove primary sponsor data. In most of the cases the developer is allowed to put ads in the game, wich allows the developer to get more earnings. The best scenario is making a primary sponsor with a big portal, so your game gets more chances of being played. If you manage to distribute the game to as much as portals as possible,buy guild wars 2 gold, your game will have more possibilities of being played, so you will earn more money, and the sponsor will be happy of showing his logo more times. In most of the cases you are allowed to put your name and a link back to your site, so you can earn more money putting ads in your site. According to FlashGameLicense good games can easily get $1,000-$2,000 and exceptional games can get $3,000-$4,000. Non exclusive license: Selling non exclusive license is a good way to make extra money from your game. The version you sell with non exclusive license is a site lock version of the game, this means that the game will work only in the sponsor´s portal, but it will not work in any other portal. Generally this kind of license are cheaper than primary sponsorship as the sponsor does not have the possibility of spreading the game all over the internet with his logo. You can not put ads into the game but you can sell non exclusive licenses to many sponsors, wich is a great thing to increase revenues.

Host your Game:

Anyone can make money with a flash game putting ads like mochiads in the game. But to really make some money you need to build your own site and put additional ads like Google AdSense around your game. It would take much effort and time to be able to do so. You need to find a host, setting up advertisement account, design your site, promote your site, etc.

If everything goes well you can earn more money from your site than from in game ads, and you will be promoting yourself and your site´s branding.

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